UNEP WasteForce Training Workshop

26 Feb 2021

RILO AP participated in the “UNEP WasteForce Partners Asia-Europe Cooperation Training Against Waste Crime” held on 17, 24 ~ 26 February 2021. The training hosted by UNEP AP (Environment Programme in Asia and the Pacific region) and WasteForce Partners was implemented via a video conference to the enforcement agencies in Asia and the Pacific and the Europe. For three days of the training workshop, participants shared the trends and seizure cases of global waste and discussed the role of international enforcement agencies.

During the training workshop, the Deputy Head of RILO AP introduced the major activities of RILO AP, the necessity and the result of joint enforcement operations aimed at preventing environment crime such as Green Earth, DEMETER VI and the ongoing project SKY-HOLE-PATCHING.

RILO AP, in particular, highlighted that the success of these operations and project attributed to the sound network of Member Administrations in Asia and the Pacific region. RILO AP will continue to support for forging more cooperative network among Members and expand collaboration with international agencies through exchanging information closely.

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