CEN Online Training

14 May 2021

RILO AP provided CEN Online Training with 11 people in 6 member administrations in AP region on 14 May 2021. The online training was designed to deliver the concept of CEN and how to use CEN effectively from the perspective of member administrations. In order to enhance the effectiveness of training, the training needs of member administrations was surveyed in advance and established accordingly. It was completed in 2 hours through the online platform Zoom.

The participants were National Contact Points (NCPs) from Cambodia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong (China) and Macao (China). 

CEN Online training started with a welcome remark from Mr. Youngkyoung KIM, the deputy head of RILO AP. During the training, RILO AP gave two parts which were consisted of the theory of CEN and practice. First session, participants were trained in how to use the CEN, composition of the CEN, and statistics. Second session, each participant practiced cases using the CEN platform, utilized various functions and had a Q&A session. 

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