WCO Workshop on Canine for AP and Launching Ceremony for RDTC Korea

10 Jun 2021

RILO AP attended a WCO Regional Virtual Workshop on Canine for AP which was held from 8 to 10 June 2021. During the workshop hosted by WCO ROCB (WCO Asia/Pacific Office for Capacity Building) and WCO RDTC (Regional Dog Training Center) Korea, many member administrations celebrated a launching ceremony for RDTC in Korea.

The workshop and launching ceremony for RDTC in Korea was for stepping up training skills of the officials who manage the detection dogs. The dogs have been important Customs friends to effectively tackle the smuggling of dangerous goods such as drugs and explosives. This workshop was taken to provide an opportunity to exchange information and form a cooperative network among member administrations that operate detection dogs in Asia and the Pacific region.

During the workshop, the deputy head of RILO AP, Mr. YoungKyoung KIM, gave a presentation on drug detection from RILO AP. He showed the current drugs trends in AP region and emphasized the collaboration among member administrations while introducing joint enforcement operations that carried out by RILO AP and members recently. Moreover, he illustrated remarkable seizure cases of drugs caught by the tremendous efforts of member administrations and detection dogs.

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