31st Regional Contact Points Meeting of the WCO Asia-Pacific

03 Nov 2021

The 31st Regional Contact Points Meeting of the WCO Asia-Pacific was held in Indonesia on 2-3 November 2021. Due to the COVID-19 situation across the AP region, this meeting was conducted via video conference this year as well. The meeting organized by Indonesia Customs, WCO Asia Pacific Vice-chair, had many Customs delegations from the Asia Pacific Region including WCO Director of Capacity building, ROCB A/P, RILO AP. Mr. R. Syarif Hidayat who is the Chief of Executive of WCO A/P Vice-chair, led the meeting.

The main issues were the regional nominations in the WCO Committees, the implementation of Regional Strategic Plan (RSP) 2020-2022, and regional priorities and initiatives related to the COVID-19. WCO delivered the update of policy, initiatives and action plan in preparation for the current pandemic situation and activities based on the cooperation with other international organizations. Indonesia, the WCO Asia Pacific Vice-chair, made a presentation on the regional activities including survey of RSP and the progress of the next Vice-chair nomination and the working group for the transition of RILO AP.

Mr. Young Kyoung KIM, the Deputy Head of RILO AP presented the progress report consisted of history, membership, staff changes and activities of RILO. He reported the intelligence publications, which were the major work for the RILO AP and the statistics of information exchange. Moreover, he introduced joint enforcement operations that were combating illegal movement of drugs and hazardous waste, etc. and ongoing projects that are the immediate notification system of RILO AP. He explained the RILO AP’s role as OCU and thanked all member administrations for their efforts to these achievements. Ms. Jiwon KIM, the CEN manager, delivered the result of the implementation of the 2020-2022 Regional Strategic Plan with Mr. Wilson from Hong Kong Customs in which is jointly responsible for the Focus Area 2 with RILO AP. 

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