The 29th Global RILO Meeting(GRM)

20 Jan 2022

The 29th Global RILO Meeting was held in a blended manner as a combination of both a document-based phase and on-line sessions hosted on the KUDO platform from 18-19 January in 2022 due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting was attended by representatives from 12 RILOs and WCO secretariat.

After the follow up of the conclusions of 28th Global RILO Meeting, GRM had a briefing on RILO matters about RILO competences within the region, Role of the Chair and Vice-chair of the GRM, ToR for the RILO CENcom Group, Document on "How to prepare an online training", Role of the RILOs in ensuring the CEN data quality, the new ITR concept, promoting the ICEN.

The second day of the meeting, each RILOs give presentations on progress report about their activities,project and operation.

During the sesion for regional report, RILO AP presented its progress report detailing the RILO's history, membership and activities in2021.

RILO AP delivered presentation on thier operational activities such as GOALS on illicit synthetic drugs and precursor, Mekong Dragon Ⅲ on illicit drugs and endangered wildlife traffiking, lastly DEMETER Ⅶ on hazardous waste and ODS(ozone depleting substance)

Along with the operation, RILO AP also intoduced routine projects:DSIN(Air)&DSIN(Sea Cargoes)on drug seizures via air and sea modes, Project Crocodile on tobacoo and Project Sky-Hole Patching on hazardous wastes and ODS.

Lastly, RILO AP introduced their future plan for 2022 and induced RILO members to actively participated in Global joint enforcement operation such as IRENE Ⅲ and  Mekong Dragon Ⅷ

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