The 42nd Session of the Enforcement Committee Meeting (EC)

14 Apr 2022

The 42nd Session of the Enforcement Committee Meeting (EC)

The 42nd Session of the Enforcement Committee (Phase 2) was held from 28 March to 1 April 2022 in a hybrid format. It was carried out under the WCO’s theme for 2022: “Scaling up Customs Digital Transformation by Embracing a Data Culture and Building a Data Ecosystem”. The committee started with introductory remark by the chairperson, keynote address by Secretary General of WCO, and welcome remarks by Director of Compliance and Facilitation Directorate.

During the session for adoption of the draft agenda, the chairperson announced the outcomes of the agenda approval process conducted during document-based discussion (Phase 1) on Clikc! Platform. With the chosen agenda, the committee focused on the item C category, which requires discussion, guidance and decision. The strategic plan implementation scoping areas were Covid-19, Data Driven Customs, and Fighting Illicit Trade. As for the topics of Compliance and Enforcement Programmes, Environment, Drugs, Security, Revenue, Cultural Heritage, IPR/Health and Safety, Intelligence and Risk Management/CEN, Customs investigations, Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist/Financing were highlighted.

On behalf of member administrations, RILO AP made remarks on the agenda relevant to regional operation activities as well as the way to improve the information sharing platform. In the context of Environment programme, it submitted the comment to draw attention on the Operation Demeter by addressing the importance and the result of the operation, and further supported the following Demeter operation. As for the Drug programme, it briefed the concept and summarized the outcomes of the Operation Goal. In addition, it expressed its interests to participate in the operation to enhanced global enforcement network and intelligence sharing.

When it comes to CEN platform, the WCO Secretariat has proposed to implement a data visualization capability of CEN applications. This initiative was based on the idea that it is essential not only to facilitate data entry but also to showcase the value of the applications and the value of the data itself in order to obtain more data and to promote the use of CEN applications. In this regard, RILO AP underlined the importance of the CEN data visualization concept and fully supported the need to introduce the initiative. In addition, it showed its attention to take part in the informal Project team for upcoming process.

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