CENcomm3.0 Training (DEMETER VIII)

21 Sep 2022

Since participants in the Operation Demeter VIII were expected to use CENcomm3.0 to report seizure data during the operation, a training session on CENcomm3.0 was held on 16 September 2022 via Zoom, an online meeting platform, as the fourth Webinar. Taking into consideration that it was a global operation, the training consisted of two slots of different times and languages which were French-English and Spanish-English. The number of participants in the webinar was around 60 in total.


First of all, Mr. Jiabin Qin, Technical Attaché of the WCO, delivered his presentation to highlight several pieces of information and suggestion with a view to facilitating the operation. He mentioned operation alerts that would be published by RILO AP to exchange interesting seizure data with participating members and to let them pay attention to new trends and modus operandi of relevant illicit trade. Also, he requested participants to ensure data quality, leading to more reliable analysis.


CEN Managers of RILO AP, Ms. Jiyeon Bae and Ms. Yuko Watanabe, were in charge of giving a presentation about CENcomm3.0. It started with the basic concept of CEN suite as well as CENcomm3.0 and proceeded to explain the recently updated roles of users. Before the introduction of each function of CENcomm3.0, the speakers dealt with the preliminaries: how to log in, how to choose a CUG (Closed User Group), and how to adjust the configuration. In the presentation, various functions of the application such as searching for a user or a case, warning and feedback of structured message menu, library, chat, and mailbox as communication tools. The next part was how to add a new seizure case which was the key point of the webinar. The input process from Case reference section to attachment was demonstrated. Also presenters touched on the items and fields where a reporter would be likely to make a mistake and need to be careful.

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