Message from RILO

Mr. Seong Hyun, Ryu

Head of RILO AP

Greetings from RILO AP

I’m Seong Hyun Ryu, the Head of RILO AP.

I give a sincere welcome to you to visit the Homepage of RILO AP.
RILO AP has tried to conduct various activities concerning Customs enforcement by responding to the requests from Member Customs administrations.

RILO AP has facilitated information and intelligence exchange amongst the Member Customs administrations and other law enforcement agencies as well and has coordinated intelligence-led projects and joint enforcement operations against trafficking and illicit trade.

In addition, RILO AP has been playing an important role in the regional management of the Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) established by the WCO in 2001 and has been carrying out capacity building activities to provide training course for Member Customs administrations to help their enhancements of enforcement capacities.

Also, seminars and workshop has been organized regularly by RILO AP to contribute to enlightening Member Customs administrations on the newest trend of cross-border crimes and to share the enforcement activities against them. RILO AP prepared this homepage to provide various and useful information divided into fields for demanders and to keep pace with the age of globalization and digital information and to reflect the opinions and comments from demanders on the future activities of RILO AP.

I expect your continuous interests and participations about the homepage of RILO AP. Thank you.