News Italian police seize over $1 billion of 'ISIS-made' Captagon amphetamines

01 Jul 2020

(CNN)Police in Italy have confiscated a huge shipment of 14 metric tonnes (15.4 US tons) of amphetamines which they say was produced by ISIS in Syria.

News 78 kilos of meth packed in tea packets ‘washes ashore’ in TN’s Mamallapuram

21 Jun 2020

Mamallapuram police from Tamil Nadu’s Chengalpattu district on Saturday seized 78-kilos of methamphetamine drug, valued over Rs 230 crore, drifting ashore in a ...

News Drug haul worth $180 million found inside furniture container in Melbourne

18 Jun 2020

A border check of a furniture container shipped from Malaysia has uncovered 360kg of crystal methamphetamine.Australian Federal Police seized the drug cargo in ...

News Mexican cartels stockpile drugs and money amid COVID-19 pandemic

08 Jun 2020

Travel restrictions at U.S.-Mexican border crossings and abroad have made it harder for cartels to move drugs and drug profits without detection, according to a...

News Dutch, Mexican suspects held in in meth lab bust; Notable rise in production

06 Jun 2020

Police arrested three men in a raid on a suspected crystal meth lab near the Gelderland village of Herwijnen early Saturday morning, the pol...

News Methamphetamine-related hospital admissions drop due to coronavirus restrictions has doctors worried

30 May 2020

The number of methamphetamine-related presentations at WA emergency departments has fallen significantly during COVID-19, while the drug's street value has skyrocketed.