Operation ICE BREAK

The rapid expansion of synthetic drug market is one of the biggest challenges confronted by the Asia-Pacific region. Demand for and production of synthetic drugs has been increasing at an unprecedented pace. Responding to the growing demand, the region has been witnessing a massive surge in the production of the drug. In 2018, the seizure of methamphetamine in the East and Southeast Asia, including the tablet and crystal forms, reached an all-time high of 126 tons, breaking the record of 82 tons of the previous year, which used to be by far the largest amount reported in the region. It is extremely difficult to eradicate drug crimes since the modus operandi of the transnational organized crime groups have been increasingly sophisticated adapting to the changing environment. Efforts of one law enforcement agency alone are never enough to effectively tackle illegal activities of transnational criminal organizations. There is where the importance of law enforcement cooperation lies. Operation ICE BREAK was initiated to enhance cooperation and bring about collaborative efforts among the Customs community and law enforcement agencies and create synergy in the law enforcement responses against drug trafficking. The Operation ICE BREAK will be coordinated by RILO AP in cooperation with UNODC. RILO AP Members and international law enforcement agencies will join hands to interdict supply chain of illicit drugs.