Operation ICE BREAK II

Operation ICE BREAK II in 2020 was the follow-up joint operation of Operation ICE BREAK, which was achieved close to 3 tons of illicit drugs and drug precursors in 2019. Amid dangerous flow of illicit drugs surge and the unprecedented COVID-19, Operation ICE BREAK II conducted intensive crackdown and trained on Mail and Express Cargo as well as the existing risk management field in order to combat illicit drug trafficking. Due to the strengthened border control caused by COVID-19, the trafficking of illicit drugs and precursors from major drug production regions was not be smooth and the inventory was stockpiled in illicit drug production regions. Members needed prompt and collaborative respond to the serious threats. The operation was participated by 21 Member administrations from the 18 economies in the Asia-Pacific region and RILO AP as Operation Coordination Unit (OCU). Participants in Operation ICE BREAK II were able to identify illicit drug trafficking trends of transnational criminal groups attempting to circumvent the border controls. Despite struggling to cope in borders and the community amid lockdown, participants were able to overcome difficulties of communication and respond actively to the illicit drug crisis through real-time exchange of information and sharing of cases seized with their efforts and dedication to the operation.