The 29th Anti-Drug Liaison Officials’ Meeting for International Cooperation (ADLOMICO)

26 Sep 2019

RILO AP participated in the 29th Anti-Drug Liaison Officials’ Meeting for International Cooperation (ADLOMICO) held by the Korean Supreme Prosecutors’ Office in Incheon, Korea on 25~26 September 2019. The meeting was attended by 178 participants from the drug enforcement authorities in 24 countries and international organizations such as UNODC, INCB and INTERPOL. Mr. Min Gun Lee, Head of RILO AP and his staff represented the Asia-Pacific Customs community with delegates from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and New Zealand Customs.

At the meeting, participants shared updated drug trafficking trends and best practices of enforcement efforts. RILO AP made a contribution by reporting the final outcome of the Operation Mekong Dragon Asia-Pacific and the latest methamphetamine trafficking trend discovered as the result of the operation. RILO AP concluded the presentation introducing a new operational initiative codenamed Operation ICE BREAK. Korea Customs also made a presentation at the meeting. Korea Customs gave an overview on the recent methamphetamine trafficking trend in Korea and left a deep impression to the audience as a major drug enforcement agency in the country interdicting illicit drug supply at the borders.

The meeting gave an opportunity where RILO AP could strengthen collaboration with its enforcement partners and widen its cooperative network. RILO AP held fruitful bilateral meetings with UNODC and its enforcement partners to discuss cutting edge matters and exchange detailed enforcement information. 

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