Debriefing Meeting of Operation Mekong Dragon III

30 Nov 2021

RILO AP has participated in the debriefing meeting of Operation Mekong Dragon III in conjunction with Wildlife Inter-Regional Enforcement (WIRE) meeting held on 30 November. The Operation has officially commenced since 15 April 2021 and has lasted for a period of 5 months, with initiations by China Customs and Vietnam Customs combating drugs, drug precursors and wildlife trafficking in Asia and the Pacific region. Over the debriefing meeting, many participants has raised awareness and strengthened Customs cooperation.

Before the debriefing meeting of Operation Mekong Dragon III started, Mr. SUN Zhijie, Director General of Anti-Smuggling Bureau from General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China delivered welcoming remarks for celebrating the WIRE meeting 2021, followed by Ms. Miwa Kato, Director of UNODC Division of Operation, Mr. H.E.Noordin M.Haji,OGW, Director for Public Prosecutions from Kenya, Mr. James A.Walsh, Pricipal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs from United States of America and Ms. Ivonne Higuero, Secretary General of the convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

After the opening ceremony, the debriefing meeting conducted for an hour and a half by Mr. Young Kyoung KIM, Deputy Head of RILO AP. During the debriefing meeting of Operation Mekong Dragon III, all participants from Asia and Africa region shared the outcome and analysis of the operation.

First, Mr. Park Cheon Jeong, Head of RILO AP, celebrated successful result of operation and thanked all participants who contributed their great efforts to the operation at opening remarks. Second, Mr. Chunwan SHI, Intelligence analyst of RILO AP and staff of OCU of the operation Mekong Dragon III, shared the achievement of the operation in terms of smuggling of illicit drugs and wildlife. Moreover, he explained significant implications of the operation including noticeable seizure cases to many participants for supporting their enforcement activities. Next, Mr. Jeol Carruthers, Acting Counsellor of Mekong from Australian Border Force, delivered a presentation on illicit narcotics and illegal wildlife trends and analysis for participants. At the meeting, he shared noteworthy seizures of Australia in detail when it comes to seizure trends, such as concealment methods, transportation, types of drugs seized by certain period and major departures/destinations.

Lastly, Mr. Nguyen Hung Anh, Director of Anti-smuggling and Investigation department of Vietnam Customs, gave closing remarks and also celebrated the great success of the operation.

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