The 20th CEN Management Team Meeting

08 Feb 2022

The 20th Meeting of the Customs Enforcement Network(CEN) Management Team was held in blended manner as a combination of both a document-based phase and on-line sessions hosted on the KUDO platform from 20 to 21 January in 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting was attended by representatives of 11 RILOs , WCO secretariat and  each national CEN manager .

After follow up of the 19th CEN Management Team Meeting, participants shared their opinion about CEN/nCEN/CENcomm usage and status, overviews on standarization and development request, outcome of nCEN regional meeting, presentation of the  CAVA and VeRIL platform operated by the RILO WE

And then, For guidance and decisión, representatives reported  the CEN data sharing ,  revised the CEN policy document and noted data visualization of CEN applications

The second day of the CEN Mat meeting, there was a discussion about the implementation of the WCO Charter for data Quantity and Quality Enhancement in the CEN, CEN data Analysis Task force and CEN data Collection task force,

In addition, The future of CEN application:ICEN was addressed during the meeing.

Each delegate discussed actively the future CEN, CENcomm and nCEM through the meeting.

In conclusion, the Secretariat reminded all delegates that the meeting report would be presented at the 42th session of the WCO Enforcement Committee

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