The 23rd WCO Regional Heads of Customs Administration conference

21 Jun 2022

The 23rd  WCO Regional Heads of Customs Administration conference, hereby RHCA was held from 18th to 19th May, 2022 in Bali, Indonesia.

RHCA was hosted by Indonesia Customs appointed as a WCO AP Vice Chair. RILO AP participated in the conference along with Customs delegates from Asia and the Pacific region, senior officials of the WCO and its ROCB.

The conference began with a welcoming remarks by Mr, Askolani, chair person of this year’s conference and Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, the Secretary-General of WCO, and then there was a keynote speech delivered by H.E Sri Mulyani

During the first session, WCO policy, Initiative updates and WCO AP report was introduced, besides, presentation about AP region capacity building activity by ROCB AP was delivered. After that The deputy head of the RILO AP, Ms. Hae-yeong PAIK, gave a presentation on the RILO AP’s achievement during last year and future plan.

RILO AP explained about statues quo of our office, Intelligence sharing activity, results of the Global joint operation such as GOALS, Mekong Dragon , Demeter, and notice-worthy seizure cases based on our project such as Crocodile, Sky-hole Patching, DSINS(Air&Sea).

Secretary-General of WCO emphasized the importance of collect and analyze of illegal trade seizure cases to support member administration in Asia and the Pacific region as well as active sharing of up to date trend by utilizing Alert and so on.

RILO AP also gave a presentation on Regional Strategic Plan from 2020 to 2022.

With Hong-Kong Customs, RILO AP is in charge of Focus Area 2 which covers compliance and enforcement. Whether the milstones which are set to achieve the objective are implemented well in each member administration are analysed and evaluated to reflect for 2022-2024 version draft of Regional strategic plan and make a consensus among the participants.

During the conference, subsequent member administration which will host RILO AP from 2024 to 2028 was decided and confirmed.

There was a discussions over importance of digital economy and data culture establishment in the context of increasing data usage in the field of Customs administration and proliferation of E-commerce.

In addition, To prevent illegal trade of Non environment friendly substance such as plastics waste, The role of Green customs to settle the global problem was emphasized.

As for the next WCO AP Chair, Australia was nominated.

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