Virtual CEN training

28 Jun 2022

As a result of questionnaire to identify the need for CEN user-customized online training, 15 members expressed their desire to join.

This Virtual CEN training was held on 3rd JUNE, 2022 via ZOOM platform and participated by person in charge of CEN from 12 Asia and the Pacific region members.

Training began with opening remark by deputy head of RILO AP, Hae-Yeong, PAIK. Ms. PAIK emphasized the role of CEN as a database of Customs seizures and offenses which is operated by WCO in the field of compliance and enforcement. In addition, Ms. PAIK encouraged member administrations to imput seizure cases actively for effective information sharing and apprehension of recent trafficking trend.

Introduction about new functions of CEN and concept of ICEN was dealt with by Mr. Ousmane Coundoul, WCO CEN project manager. He explained simplified Input Form, Desktop application function, and ICEN which will be developed in the future.

After that, RILO AP gave a presentation on CEN suite, precautions when inputting the seizure cases, traits of input category per commodity and mistakes made by members frequently. Besides, RILO AP offered the way to analyze the illegal trade relevant trend such as trade routes, method of concealment though CEN data which can be downloaded in EXCESS format.

Lastly RILO AP expects CEN to become a more useful and beneficial tool for members with the cooperation of each CEN user and promises to offer consistent support on CEN utilization for member administration.

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