The 32nd WCO AP Regional Contact Point Meeting

02 Dec 2022

Australia, World Customs Organization Regional Vice-chair for Asia and the Pacific region, hosted the 32nd Regional Contact Points (RCP) Meeting in Brisbane from 15 to 18 November 2022. Considering the COVID-19 situation, the meeting was held in a hybrid way and 24 member administrations including online participants in AP region took part in this meeting.

 The working-level meeting included practical engagements and activities to encourage participation and ensure diversity of representation of members’ views with a particular focus on combatting criminal infiltration of the supply chain and supply chain integrity.

 On the first day, the WCO Secretariat introduced the recently updated policies on the WCO Strategic Plan 2022-2025, WCO Data Strategy, Globalization and Fragmentation, Trade and Public Health, Green Customs, and lastly, Utilization of AI Technology in Space Intelligence. And there was report from Asia and the Pacific regional Vice-chair about current activities such as capacity building, website management, publication of customs newsletter, and so on.

 RILO AP made a presentation on the progress report which contains the main activities in 2022 and future plan for 2023. ROCB AP introduced four strategic objectives to support consolidating capacity building of customs authorities.

 Also, coordinators of the Regional Strategic Plan (RSP) areas updated members on changes to the three focus areas linking the WCO Implementation Plan. RILO AP taking in charge of focus area 2 which is enforcement and compliance in cooperation with Hong Kong of China, made a presentation to explain the difference compared to the previous version of RSP and the way forward to achieve each milestone. This time, objectives and milestones for the new RSP become more improved and much more streamlined for better understanding and the effective achievement of member administrations.

 On the next day, four different members made presentations on recent initiatives and lessons learned from relevant regional priorities. Bangladesh presented on COVID-19 Challenges and Supply Chain Integrity, Cambodia presented on Trade Facilitation Reforms and the Roles of the National Committees on Trade Facilitation, China presented on Smart Customs Reform at Land Border Crossings, and Maldives presented on Integrity.

 On the third day, Australia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong of China delivered the presentations to host the WCO Regional Dog Training Center in the customs authority. Each delegate introduced the plans to establish a WCO-accredited Regional Dog Training Center and asked for active support from member administrations.

 Hong Kong of China made an expression about hosting the next WCO Asia and the Pacific Vice-chair between 2024 and 2026, promoting the implementation plan in accordance with the WCO policy stance.

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