The 21st Meeting of the Customs Enforcement Network Management Team (CENMaT)

08 Feb 2023

The 21st Meeting of the Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) Management Team was held as a combination of both a document-based phase on Clikc! (phase I) and web-conference format which took place on the 26 and 27 January in Brussels (phase II). The meeting was attended by representatives of 10 RILOs, the WCO Secretariat, and each national CEN manager. At the opening of the meeting, the Director of the Compliance and Facilitation Directorate, Mr. Pranab Kumar Das, informed the CENMaT Meeting was to sunset, following the discussion in the previous Policy Commission. The delegate from Poland was elected as a chairperson for this year.

 In section A, “to take note”, the Secretariat reported about (i) CEN/nCEN/CENcomm status and usage, (ii) overview of standardization and development requests, (iii) state of play on the CEN Data Visualization Project, (iv) outcomes of nCEN Regional Meetings, (v) nCEN Impact Assessment, (vi) state of play on WCO-OLAF cooperation, and (vii) WCO Data Strategy. The CENMaT invited the Secretariat to include the global RILO network in its work on the WCO Data Strategy.

In section B,” for guidance and decision”, the representatives discussed (i) the WCO Charter of Data Quantity and Quality Enhancement in the CEN, (ii) outcomes of the CEN Data Analysis Task Force, and (iii) outcomes of the CEN Data Collection Task Force. The Secretariat commented on the excel upload as the options to solve the internet issues, the revision of the CEN user manual to be completed by the next GRM, and on the nCEN accreditation workshop process. As a result of lively discussion, the CENMaT endorsed the implementation of an automated data transfer capability in the nCEN application, the outcomes of the Task Force on CEN Data Analysis (document CN0573a) and the Task Force on CEN Data Collection (document CN0774a).

In section C, “for discussion”, the representatives discussed the CEN Action Plan for FY2023-2024.

 In conclusion, the Secretariat reminded all delegates that the meeting report would be presented at the 43rd Session of the WCO Enforcement Committee.

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