Mid-term Review and Consultation Meeting of Operation Mekong Dragon V

20 Jul 2023

Since the launch of Operation Mekong Dragon (OMD) V on 15 April 2023, RILO AP, UNODC, and China Customs jointly organized an in-person OMD V Mid-term Review and Consultation Meeting, in Shenzhen, China. The meeting was held on 26-27 June 2023 in order to keep the momentum of the operation and to analyze the risk indicators for potential collaborative investigation.


Of 21 participating member administrations, 15 member customs and organizations joined this meeting to discuss accomplishments, challenges, learnings, and ways forward for OMD V. The meeting began with opening remarks delivered by Mr. Lei Yutian from China Customs, Ms. Thi Thu Huong Pham from Vietnam Customs, Mr. Zhiqiang Tao from UNODC, and Mr. Cheon-Jeong Park from RILO AP. With warm welcoming messages, the first day of the meeting began.


After outlining the operation and introducing OMD V trends by Mr. Zhiqiang Tao, Program Officer of the UNODC Environment Team, Mr. Chunwan Shi, Intelligence Analyst of RILO AP, presented OMD V Updates & Statistics. Then, Ms. Hyewon Joo, Liaison Officer of RILO AP, delivered a presentation on OMD Major Seizures & Concealment Methods Analysis. Presentations on the status of drug and wildlife seizure cases were delivered by Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong of China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. On the second day, participants visited Shenzhen Customs Post Center and in the afternoon, Ms. Jiyeon Bae, CEN manager of RILO AP, gave a training session and walked through a demonstration of the system.

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